*new groups starting Fall 2020

The Life with God Roadmap

A relational “catechism:” Life with God draws numerous insights from Scripture into the way God cultivates relationship with His people. Each study explores a Biblical story and relational themes.

1. The Genesis of Relationship

Exploring the nature of relationship

  • Key Scripture: Genesis (Creation and the Fall)
  • Featured Activity: Interactive Prayer Projects

2. The History of the Heart

Learning dependence on God

  • Key Scripture: Genesis (Israel’s Patriarchs)
  • Featured Activity: Heart History Life Map

3. From Bondage to Freedom

Identifying and overcoming resistance

  • Key Scripture: The Book of Exodus
  • Featured Activity: Weekly Walk with God

4. A Call to Desire and Discern

Understanding the nature of desire

  • Key Scripture: 1 & 2 Samuel
  • Featured Activity: Extended Time with God Retreat

5. Daily Abiding with Jesus

Practicing daily abiding in Christ

  • Key Scripture: The Gospel of John
  • Featured Activity: Daily Meditation on Scripture

6. Bearing the Fruit of Love

Discovering one’s life vocation

  • Key Scripture: The Book of Acts
  • Featured Activity: Personal Rule of Life