Hearing God’s Voice

February 5 & 6, 2021

Valley View Bible Church – 4222 E Lincoln Dr, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

With plenary presentations from Dr. Susan Currie, Dr. Neal Siler, and Dr. Ted Wueste

We desire deeply to hear God’s voice in our lives. Indeed, the Scriptures call us to listen. How do we do that? How do we know if we are hearing God’s voice? What are the roadblocks and pathways to a listening life? 6 plenary sessions, worship and prayer, over 10 workshops, and the opportunity to connect with others. 

This is a great conference for ministry leaders, spiritual directors, counselors, and anyone who wants to develop a deeper life of listening to God.

Conference Workshops

Choose four workshops during registration

“The Listening Life in Spiritual Direction”                          Susan Currie

For those who offer the ministry of holy listening (whether formally trained or informally mentored in the practice of spiritual direction), this breakout session will further explore the theology and practice of spiritual direction as a context for deepening the Listening Life.

“Listening: Clearing Space and Creating Welcome”                Neal Siler

This workshop will wrestle with the idea of deep listening and awareness as it relates to embracing fully what it means to be with another, with a focus on the language that communicates that welcome.

“Spiritual Disciplines for Different Seasons”                        Ted Wueste

Looking at how different spiritual disciplines nurture our life in Christ in different seasons on our spiritual journey. This breakout session will look at both the cyclical seasons that repeat as well as a more linear journey that occurs simultaneously. 

“Christian Contemplation: A Heart that Listens”                Danny Mullins

Contemplation has a rich history in the Christian faith. In this workshop, learn the basics of Christian contemplation, why it is helpful on your journey, and experience a taste.

Listening to God’s Love                                                      Tom Ashbrook

What would it be like to experience God’s love – actually experience it every day? Why is “…the greatest of these is love?” In this workshop, Tom will lead a discussion about the surprising biblical meaning of God’s love, how we experience it, and its implications for our lives. 

“Discerning God’s Heart Together”                                      Tom Ashbrook

Do we want to know and follow God’s will or just have Him bless ours? How do we discern God’s will and how do we do it together? In this workshop, Tom will help us unpack and practice the discernment process developed by Ignatius of Loyola and explore how we might use it to follow Jesus together.

“The Psalms: A Model for Prayer and Listening”            John DelHousaye

Jesus quoted the Psalms more than any other book in the Old Testament. David’s words became his words; as the body of Christ, they become ours as well. There is also a place for silence and listening. This workshop explains this ancient way of the reading the Psalms, totus Christus, and offers a group experience.

“A Life of Intimacy: Seeing God in the Ordinary”                Doug Kelley

Intimacy at its core is about discovery and connection. In this workshop we will explore the nature of intimacy through discovery and connection to God…through the ordinary. And, we will take a special look at how God’s love creates space for intimacy’s vulnerability to blossom.

“A Taste of Spiritual Direction”                           LuAnn Roberson

In this workshop, you will receive an introduction to spiritual direction, and then have an opportunity to experience spiritual direction with a trained spiritual director.

“Leading Corporate Worshippers to Listen”                        Joel Bidderman

How do we lead worship in ways that encourage a participatory listening? This workshop will deal with how to create space for and encourage listening as a part of worshipping together. 

“Listening to God with Kids”                                                Gordon West

Experience practical ways to model and share with your children, grandchildren, or students the spiritual practice of listening to God. Learn to create an environment where children and God can connect.

“The Mystic and the Activist: Living in the Tension”        Sheli Sloterbeek

We live in chaotic and tense times and sometimes it can be difficult to continue to pray, letting God love us, and at the same time struggle for justice. In this workshop we will talk about what it looks like to live in the tension of contemplation and action within the world around us.

“Listening in Small Groups” Ted Wueste

In the workshop, you’ll learn how to create an atmosphere of listening in which participants have one ear on God and one on another person. Most often, groups talk over each other and fall to hear each other fully – there is a better way.


June 15-August 31 // Super early registration –  $159 (no discounts)

September 1 – October 31 // Early registration – $169*

November 1 – January 15 // Regular registration – $189*

January 16 – February 5 // Late registration – $209*

We are currently planning on having the conference in person at Valley View Bible Church in Paradise Valley, AZ, however, we do understand that we live in a constantly changing world. With that in mind, if we determine that the conference will be held online we will refund $70 of the registration cost back to you.

*Discounts for members

Group registration – 5 or more – $15 off registration per person (no other discounts); 10 or more $25 off per person (cannot combine discounts – i.e., membership discount can’t be combined with group discount).  Contact sheli@sfsaz.org to register your group.