Spiritual Directors

Get to know those who are a part of our network of Spiritual Directors in Arizona! We have a variety of people who are involved in ministries including spiritual direction, pastoral ministry, counseling. leadership development, retreat ministry, and more.

If you are looking for a Spiritual Director, we’d also suggest perusing the Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association website. (see below) They’ve done a great job of putting together a great directory of Spiritual Directors – some are local to Arizona and others, who live around the country, are available to meet over Skype or by phone. What is Spiritual Direction?

SFSAZ Directory



Joel Bidderman
Spiritual Director, Speaker

Joel is a graduate of Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction and is on pastoral staff at Vineyard Community Church – Gilbert. He is available for Spiritual Direction sessions in person in the Gilbert area, or via FaceTime/Skype.

Email: joelbidderman@gmail.com
Website: joelbidderman.com



Robbie Brooks
Spiritual Director, Pastoral Caregiver/Mentor, Formation Group Facilitator, Retired Associate Pastor

Robbie is a recent graduate (April 1, 2019) of Leadership Transformation’s Selah Spiritual Direction training. She is retired from 16 years as associate pastor at 2 churches in Phoenix, AZ. She received her MA degree in Marriage and Family Counseling from Phoenix Seminary in 2001. She served as full time staff with Cru Ministries from 1974—1993, where she grew in her heart for discipling women. Robbie has been happily married to Steve for 43 years and enjoys serving with him in his work with Crown Financial Ministry. She is the mother of 3 grown sons, 3 delightful daughters in law and 6 grandchildren (so far!).

Email: robbiebrooks@cox.net

Robbie is available for in person and online spiritual direction appointments. She is especially passionate about supporting women in ministry leadership and loves to facilitate spiritual formation groups for women leaders.



Lauretta Clark
Spiritual Director, Speaker, Retreat/Workshop Leader

Lauretta is a trained director and is trained in accompanying others through the Ignatian Exercises. She is also trained in Inner Healing prayer and has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling. She is available for in-person or online appointments.

Email: ybranchllc@gmail.com
Website: www.ybranchllc.com



Debby DeBernardi
Spiritual Director, Retreat / Workshop Leader, Pastor

Debby is a Graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary and Christian Formation and Direction Ministries who offers spiritual accompaniment to adults, children, couples and leadership teams.  She is available to meet for Spiritual Direction, Ignatian Exercises, and Enneagram Coaching in-person in the Ahwatukee East Valley area or per zoom. 

Email: debbyd0427@gmail.com

Phone: 602-570-7340


Kim De Beus

Kim de Beus
Spiritual Director

Kim, a trained spiritual director through Christian Formation and Direction Ministry of Arizona (CFDM), creates safe and supportive space for deep listening. Available for spiritual direction, enneagram work, Ignatian exercises, centering prayer, lectio / visio divina as invitations to explore both a crisis of faith or deeper ways of dwelling. She practices in the central Phoenix area.

Email: krdebeus@gmail.com


Toni Head shot 6-19Toni Donnelly

Spiritual Director, Retreat/Workshop Leader/Speaker

Toni is a trained Spiritual Director who graduated from the SELAH Program sponsored by Leadership Transformation Inc. Toni’s passion is to create a safe and sacred space to listen well and to accompany individuals who desire to notice what God is doing in their lives, deepen their relationship with God and explore spiritual discipline practices that refresh and renew their love for God. Toni lives in Phoenix and is available to provide spiritual direction face to face, through a zoom platform, or by phone. 

Website: www.sacredjourney-spiritualdirection.com
Email: Toni@sacredjourney-spiritualdirection.com



Christine Flower
Spiritual Direction Student, Teacher, Writer & Editor

Christine is a graduate from Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction. She offers spiritual direction to women in person in Surprise and via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts. Christine is also a veteran secondary teacher who has a Master of Science in Global & International Education.


Email: aquietplacesd@gmail.com



Matt Fogle
Pastor, Spiritual Director, Speaker, Retreat Leader

Matt is a trained Spiritual Director through Sustainable Faith’s 2 year journey. He also has 2 Master’s degrees in Organizational Leadership and in Spiritual Formation. He grew up as a wild middle child in rural Illinois where mentors helped Matt to see that God is calling everyone to an abundant and adventurous life in Christ. For over ten years Matt has been a pastor in TX & IL, a speaker and retreat facilitator in CA & CO. He has worked with multiple non-profits in the areas of leadership development and spiritual formation.

Email: mfogle@rhythmcc.com
Website: rhythm.community


Art GuinaDr. Art Guina
Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader

I completed training with the Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction in Tucson, AZ.  My academic training includes Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry. I’ve been on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ since 1977, having served in the Philippines and now based in Arizona. I personally prefer the term ‘spiritual companioning’ as I’m passionate about coming alongside others to, in the words of David Benner, “…help others attend to God’s presence and revelation and prepare to respond to him… thus helping people attune themselves to God.”  I’m available to meet in person or via Zoom video.

Email: art.guina@jesusfilm.org


2018-12-27 Family Hammerslag-102

David Hammerslag, PhD
Spiritual Director, Speaker, Writer

David is a graduate of Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction and an elder at Wonderful Mercy Church in Gilbert, where he is part of the preaching rotation. He is passionate about helping people know and experience the incredible love of the Father. You can read some of his thoughts on his blog: www.frompopsworkshop.com. David is available for Spiritual Direction sessions either in person in Chandler or via Zoom, Skype or phone.

Email: d.hammerslag@gmail.com



Roger Hornbeck
Spiritual Director, Pastor, Speaker

Roger is a trained Spiritual Director through Leadership Transformations: Selah.  Roger lives in the Glendale, Arizona area and is available for Spiritual Direction, Spiritual Formation Coaching, Speaking, and accompaniment in the Ignatian Exercises.  Roger is available for Spiritual Direction or Spiritual Formation Coaching sessions either in person in Glendale or by Zoom.

Email: rogerhornbeck@gmail.com
Website: www.transformationoftheheart.com


Sharon (3)

Sharon Hornbeck
Spiritual Director, Certified Enneagram Teacher, Writer, Speaker, Retreat Leader

Sharon is a graduate of Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction and a Certified Teacher of the Narrative Enneagram. Sharon lives in Glendale, Arizona. She is available for Spiritual Direction, Spiritual Formation Coaching, Speaking, and accompaniment in the Ignatian Exercises, as well as Enneagram teaching, Typing Interviews and Enneagram-based Spiritual Direction and/or Coaching.

Sharon is available to meet in person, by Zoom or by phone. 

Email: srhornbeck@msn.com
Website: www.transformationoftheheart.com


kris jensen2Kristine Jensen
Kris, a veteran missionary with 40 years of experience overseas as a Bible translator, linguist and translation consultant, is a graduate of Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction and Fuller Theological Seminary (M.Div). She is familiar with those life changing stresses and joys of cross cultural living and returning back home, and she desires to accompany those whose life seems to have drifted away from being close to God. She passionately loves diversity, color, and the differences that make up the people groups of the world and the Body of Christ. She offers spiritual direction and reflective listening through a secure Zoom account with a focus on missionaries serving overseas, returned missionaries, and persons involved in cross cultural ministry. She also is available for in-person or FaceTime appointments in the Goodyear, AZ (Phoenix West Valley) area.
You can reach her at her email address below.

Email: Kris06Jensen@gmail.compict--separator-line-menus---vector-stencils-library.png--diagram-flowchart-example

doug kelleyDr. Doug Kelley
Doug enjoys walking alongside others as they discover their true self, helping them see God’s hand in their unique life. Doug has a special heart for those who are searching, floundering, wandering, and who feel lost in their spiritual journey. His day job is serving on faculty at Arizona State University, researching and teaching about intimacy and forgiveness in personal relationships. He is currently in training as a spiritual director, and also holds a doctorate in communication studies, a masters degree in counseling, and has received training in Enneagram coaching. Doug has ties with numerous Christian institutions, including the Spiritual Formation Society of AZ, Scottsdale Bible Church, St. Barnabas in the Desert Episcopal Church, and Young Life, and has taught at Seattle Pacific University and Fuller Seminary Southwest.

Email: frizdog@gmail.com



T. L. Landgraf

T.L. is a graduate of Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction and the pastor at Carefree Vineyard Church. Along with De, his wife, they founded It’s For Freedom a ministry focused on inner healing, deliverance and spiritual direction. T.L. is available for spiritual direction in person or video chat, speaking engagements and leading retreats centered around spiritual formation.

Email: info@itsforfreedom.com


Ronda LewisRonda Lewis
Spiritual Director, Speaker, Retreat Leader, Director of Renewed Life Ministry: Soul Care for Women

Ronda is a graduate of Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction and is and instructor for Sustainable Faith’s School of Contemplative Life. 

Ronda is passionate about creating safe spaces for women to feel welcomed, accepted and  heard. She is available for Spiritual Direction and Inner Healing prayer sessions either in person in the West Valley of Phoenix or online.

Phone: 602-418-3141

Email: Ronda@renewedlifeaz.com


Kathleen MacLuerKathleen MacLuer

Kathleen brings to her ministry of spiritual direction her decades of experience as a health care practitioner in many areas. This experience allowed her the opportunity to accompany others facing life-impacting illness, disability, and emotional struggles, with all of the rich gifts that come with doing that. She is a third-order Carmelite in her second year of formation, and has co-facilitated women’s study groups on St. Theresa of Avila—Mother of Prayer, and St. Thomas Aquinas. Her passion is for the knowing of God in contemplative life, for the joy of witnessing and co-discerning with directees the ways that God moves in their lives, for finding God in Church, family, and Creation, and for building authentic relationships and meaningful work. Kathleen was trained at Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction. 

Email: kscsgv@icloud.compict--separator-line-menus---vector-stencils-library.png--diagram-flowchart-example

LeeMbwLee Meyer
Spiritual Director, Pastoral Counselor

Lee is a graduate of Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction and is on the pastoral staff at Wonderful Mercy Church, Gilbert Arizona. He is available for Spiritual Direction sessions in person in the Gilbert/Mesa/Chandler area, or via FaceTime/Skype.

Email: l.meyer@wonderfulmercy.org



James Mitchell

Spiritual Director; Retreat Leader for pastors, church leaders, and pastoral/church staff; Hospital Chaplain: specializes in grief work, trauma healing, and end-of-life care.

Workshops: Journaling, Lectio Divina, and Contemplative Prayer; facilitating the journey of sojourners in finding a way to move through a inner roadblock into God’s Realm of Heaven in the here and now and be about their soul’s destiny; Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Formation from Ashland Theological Seminary; in person, via phone, or FaceTime.

Email: mitchellsojournercenter@yahoo.com



Danny Mullins
Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader, Speaker, Pastor

Danny is an instructor in Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction and is available to meet for direction.

Email: pianodanny@gmail.com
Website: dannymullins.org


Donna Otto
Spiritual Director, Writer, Speaker, Retreat Leader, Founder of Women’s Organizations

Donna is a warm woman of faith and accomplishment. Co-Founder of Spiritual Formation Society and former Board Member of Phoenix Seminary.  She is the host of the Quiet House in Scottsdale, available for private retreats. Donna connects with and encourages women of all ages in their spiritual life. Donna resides in Scottsdale.

Phone: 480-991-7464
Email: dotto0070@gmail.com



Richard Parrish
Spiritual Director, Speaker, Author, Retreat Leader, Pastor/Leader.

Richard is a Graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary and serves as Director of Spiritual Care for Music Serving the Word ministries.  He received his Spiritual Direction and Supervision training at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago.

Email: richard@discoverhope.net
Website: discoverhope.net


Sheri Reaves

Sheri Reaves

Sheri is available for spiritual direction in person in Mesa and Gilbert, and also via FaceTime.  She is a graduate of The School of Sustainable Faith and has a master degree in Counseling.

Email: sheri@sherireaves.com
Website: sherireaves.com


LuAnn Roberson
is our Associate for Spiritual Formation with the SFSAZ. 

Luann volunteers her time with us as a gift from her home base, Discover Hope, an outreach to leaders and learners through MSW ministries. She has tended to bodies and souls for many years as a trained Spiritual Director and a nurse specializing in trauma and the crisis of newly diagnosed cancer. She is familiar with those life-altering moments and desires to offer hope, direction and companionship. She is available for direction in person, or virtually through zoom or phone. You can reach her at her email address below.

Email: luann@discoverhope.net or luann@sfsaz.org

sheli2 (3)Sheli Sloterbeek


Spiritual Director, Writer, Speaker, Retreat Leader

Sheli’s life work has been working with the vulnerable locally and globally and she understands the weight of leading, advocating and serving those who are hurting. Her passion is for the “whole” person – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically – to be alive and live fully. Sheli is available to meet in person in the East Valley of Phoenix and is available online via Zoom and Skype.  She is a part of North Park Seminary’s Center for Spiritual Direction.

Email: ssloterbeek@gmail.com
Website: Click here 



Cristi A. Soiya

Cristi is an Arizona Licensed Professional Counselor &  Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor in Scottsdale. She is a graduate of Ottawa University with a Master of Arts Degree in Professional Counseling. Cristi received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Loyola University in Chicago-her hometown. Cristi is a Christian Counselor serving the needs of the community for individual, family, and couples counseling with children, teens, and adults.

Email: cristi.counselor@gmail.com



Janice Tarleton

Janice is an experienced spiritual director, teacher for Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction, speaker, pastor’s wife/church planter, and graduate of Arizona State University (Journalism). She is available for spiritual direction and accompaniment in The Ignatian Exercises.

Email:  jtarleton@protonmail.com


terry tarletonTerry Tarleton

Terry Tarleton founded Carefree Vineyard Church in Arizona where he pastored for 16 years after serving eight years as Senior Associate Pastor at Vineyard Church North Phoenix.

Terry became passionate about spiritual direction and formation when burnout led to an “inward journey” with Jesus that transformed how he does life. He is especially excited about leading other pastors and leaders into an intimate, authentic relationship with Jesus. One of his favorite sayings is “doing flows out of being.” Often as pastors we lose sight of “being WITH Jesus,” because we get so busy “doing FOR Jesus.”

Terry holds an M.A. in Theology from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and is trained in spiritual direction through Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction.

Email: Terry@pulsusdei.com



Carol Travilla

Carol’s personal journey of integrating faith, family and career enables her to bring a wealth of understanding and experience to the Spiritual Direction relationship.  Carol is a former psychologist and Pastor’s wife.  She is co-author of The Intentional Woman and a graduate of Christian Formation and Direction Ministries.  Carol resides in Chandler, AZ.

Email: ctravilla@cox.net



Dr. Ted Wueste
Pastor, Spiritual Director, Director of the SFSAZ, author, speaker, retreat leader

I have a deep desire to see others spiritually formed through a deepening intimacy with the Trinity. For me, providing a safe place to prayerfully explore how God is leading and at work is the core of spiritual direction. Having served as a pastor for over 20 years, I have a heart for pastors and ministry leaders. Knowing the unique challenges they face, I value and cherish the opportunity to walk alongside ministry leaders in direction. I completed a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Selah (Leadership Transformations) as well as Larry Crabb’s School of Spiritual Direction (New Way Ministries). My academic training includes a MDiv, STM, and DMin. My approach to SD is contemplative in style and Trinitarian in theology. Available to meet for spiritual direction (in person, by phone, or by video) and also able to give references for other great local directors.

Email: ted@tedwueste.com
Website: desertdirection.com


Note: this list is intended to help you connect with a Spiritual Director. Please do not use this list for any other purposes. In addition, the SFSAZ is not responsible for discerning if a particular person is the best fit for you. Each person in this role in this directory is individually responsible as a solo practitioner and not employed by the SFSAZ in this role. By accessing and using this list you understand and agree that the SFSAZ is in no way responsible for the acts, omissions or services of any of the members listed or for any other actions taken. 


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